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About Us

Choosing the right builder can become a little confusing. You will more than likely look at a lot of display homes or visit many websites, each trying to convince you that they are the one. That is why we have provided some helpful tips to help you make the right decision.

Court House Classics is a family-owned residential construction company that has been servicing the needs of Cairns residents for three generations. Laurence Court is the latest o carry on the family tradition. "My grandfather built his first home from bricks that he cured in his backyard," says Laurence proudly. Home building is more than just a family tradition - it is a family passion. To be good at anything you need to be passionate about it.

"I will never forget the excitement I had when I began work on my first contract house for a client and then to stand back and admire the finished product. I still, to this day, get that same feeling when working with a client to achieve their vision," he says.

Building should be an exciting experience for clients. However, it all depends on your choice of builder and whether they have a passion for building and, more importantly, a passion to see your dream home become a reality. We pride ourselves on providing a great value, quality product and person-to-person service.

While awards aren't the sole reason people should choose a builder, Court House Classics has more than a few awards to its name with six over the past decade or so. To win one is an achievement, so Court House Classics is proud to have collected six over the past decade. To continually win means you have a high-quality product and a system in place to ensure your standards are consistently top-rate for every home built.

Communication and a shared vision for your new home is the key to a great builder-client relationship. Court House Classics prides itself on its friendly person-to-person style. It's what sets us apart from our competitors along with our quality end product; your home. You only need to read our testimonials to satisfy yourself that you will be making the right decision to build with Court House Classics.

Laurence Court