Building Advice


Choosing the right builder can become a little confusing. You will more than likely look at a lot of display homes or visit many websites, each trying to convince you that they are the one. That is why we have provided some helpful tips to help you make the right decision.


A few points that you should take note of when choosing a builder are:
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  • Are they listening about what appeals to you and what your own personal requirements and budget are?
  • Do you feel comfortable with them and are they able to answer all of your questions when discussing everything? It is very important to have a good line of communication with your builder.
  • Do they offer you flexibility and variety with your selections? You don't want to be bulldozed into having to choose everything up front and then not be happy with something after it is too late.
  • Having the ability and time to make the right choices is all part of the fun when building. It should be an exciting and non-stressful process from start to finish.
  • Making all your colour selections, fixtures and fitting choices early on is a more efficient way to build. This allows the builder to order and coordinate everything as early as possible, which can help avoid delays during the construction phase.


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A lot of builders will refer to the amount of awards that they have won to justify their credibility. However, this is not always a guarantee of a great end product. Speak to some of the builder's past and present clients to see if they are happy with the builder and the quality of service provided.

While we have won numerous awards, and are proud of them, we would recommend you speak to our past clients as the customer is the true judge of whether they have received a quality job.


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If you are not confident with choosing colour selections seek advice from an interior designer as a smart selection can enhance the value of your house considerably. Colours will also set the theme and vibe of your home.

Another crucial area is the builder's standard inclusions. Always check the builder's standard inclusions, as many builder-advertised prices do not include their display home inclusions. To get their display home finish can often mean thousands of dollars in extras you may not have budgeted for, leaving you either disheartened or financially stretched.


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If your builder is including allowances for certain items in their quotation E.g. tile purchase price or lights and fans purchase price, then make sure that they are realistic allowances that will enable you to make a satisfactory selection. Knowing early that the builder's allowance will cover your personal expectations is extremely important to a pleasurable building process.
Otherwise, you could face considerable extra costs to get the inclusions you really want. You may need to visit some of the builder's suppliers or contractors to determine if the allowances are sufficient to satisfy your expectations.


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Once you have paid your agreed deposit, the builder will begin preparations for the working drawings and approval process if it wasn't already covered in a preliminary agreement. This usually takes about four-six weeks. Once all approvals have been secured construction can begin. The construction period will be shown in the building contract and will vary based on the size and complexity of the design chosen.

Progress payment schedules can vary for different designs and are agreed upon when signing a contract. These payments are made during the construction and when each stage is completed. On completion of the home, either the owner or a representative will do a walkthrough to ensure that the home has been completed as per the contract.